Key moments.. Light rooms. Document


Photo. Studio investigation Nov 2015

ive been contemplating whilst getting down with some studio arts and craft. So far ive managed to take graffiti into collage. I worked with the aim of devloping collage from year one and two. The purpose of these experiments is to find a platform or medium for graffiti art outside of painting. This purpose is to demonstrate and present a dialogue based on the conversion of one idea into another, one material with different outcomes. It takes into consideration the process of the last twenty years. Ive demonstrated a change in scale, from graffiti pieces (large paintings on trains or walls) that ive observed into pocket book drawings and musings. Ive explained in other posts that ive taken written language into a creative meditation. From these books and meditations ive worked on large scale studio pieces. The paintings contain elements of my observed investigation.

summary, in this post ive stated the progress and intensions of my practice. The documentation of my work at this particular time is ongoing. There are particular events such as starting new investigations into a new material, like transparent plastic sheeting, or a new application, like using light boxes, even windows for the nature of the images.


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