Studio study. Documentation.. Key moments


Photo, window lit calligraphy. Studio practice nov 2015

I continue to use handwriting in my work. Its been present since 1994. I discovered Graffiti at the same time as i discovered Basquiat. I continued to write on paintings for what is now twenty one years.

Some days its a mark, a liquid articulation of written language, sometimes a recording of reality. There are different qualities to the paintings, sometimes those marks are based on spacial perception and may contain more abstraction of the individual letter or word. when recording reality the abstraction is aimed at the meaning of the words.

Ive tried to justify using graffiti in my work, and descoverd a meditation. My thinking is either with fluidity or with communicating through the work.

Contextually, my appreciation of other artists work has moved me from justification to intuition. By that, im no longer working to lose weight of actions, and im prepared to challenge that call for justification. In the least im prepared to continue working in this way.

Summary. This post is about justifying the use of graffiti in my work. its a possible area of controversy. Writing my dissertation helped to see the value of working here. I start to write about working practices, and application of marks.



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