Light Art, Documentation.. Key moments


Photo, drawings versus diagrams. Things being put where you might not expect them/ Graffiti.

Ive been looking for a way to produce a finished piece for my third year show. Light art has interested me since taking part in workshops where i borrowed a slide projector and made some slides up. I used them with music, and projected infront of the group.

The process here is translation. Im taking my narrative into 3d. This involves an exploration of materials and an investigation into meaning. I want people to understand my final piece. That it represents trains painted by the New York Graffiti Movement that took place in the 1970s and 1980s. I want them to consider light and spirituality, to see colour and discovery of art, which fueled my work for twenty years.

summary.. In this light art post i talk about translations, or transitions. My focus in art has shifted around with developments and finished pieces. Im emphasising the use of new methods and uses of material. To move into new areas of working, with new ideas is part of the working process.


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