Graffuturism, context.. Key moments


Photo, technical piece with no name, Nov 2015.

Its hard to find information about Artists who paint under the name ‘Graffuturism.’ Yet there are so many images online, ive looked at artists Maybe this is something to do with the ‘identity and anonymity’ that ive interpreted into my work previously. Graffuturism has developed through graffiti artists as a modern movement and is credited as an artform. Ive read graffuturism described as ‘Geometric Expressionism’ and ‘Abstract Typography.’ It lends itself to the spraycan and large surface area. Ive looked at artists

kid acne, remi rouge, will barras, sophie barras, amelia thomas, paris, swoon, sat one, jon one, mode 2, futura 2000.

Each artist exists with personal style and motives. Im encouraged me to move at my own rate and continue to build my work at a slow pace.

When i left school, the work i progressed to included a lot of visual symbols. I believe that these represented ‘other’ subjects that we were studying in the classroom, Maths and English, Sciences and History, Geography and Languages. Its possible that simply holding a pen or pencil would open me up to making marks i was educated with; these visual symbols. I continue to do so, often reflectively with colours and expression.

Looking at this new artform, Graffuturism. There might be an oppertunity for a colaboration. By finding someone with common or similar objectives, the learning process can become amplified, and real.

Id like to persue Graffiti Art and Design, Art, Graffiti and Graffuturism as a career pathway. With the Internet we can see that there are ‘Graffiti’ projects going on globally.  Some of these bigger projects are appealing both for the experience of seeing and the process of creating.


it is important to understand that graffuturism is a relatively new form of graffiti and that there is not a mass amount of written material. For that reason ive stated that it might be up to contemporaries to establish some sort of critical analysis of process, conent and context for the art form. I talk about the next stages of my own art and how i am thinking of developing my own Graffuturism.

I also discuss the history of my education and the bearing it has had on my work. The symbols i use in my work i started using when i first learned to read and write, the alphabet, numerics, and other devices. Ive attempted to define how i now use them.


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