Key moments.. Studio practise. Documentation and context. on

Photo, studio practise nov 2015.

As the progress of studio work progresses ive put together a small folio of work. Im making Grafuturism inspired angular sketches and studies, a handful of which id like to develope. Im investigating materials as well as working towards a final piece. Ive been spot welding, making metal rod visual sketches that translate into painting and marker pen work.

Ive been using window light to infuse the colours and contrasts. My intention is to make lightboxes to bring my art into 3d, the next step.


The new context in my work is Grafuturism. Ive found a lot of pictures and links online. I intend to continue this investigation  into my Master of Fine Arts next year, using painting, drawing and metal work. To reach a technical understanding of Grafuturism in my own work, and to be ready for the spring summer graffiti painting season, i need to bring through what ive learned from studying. There  are visual aspects, colour, light, structures and objects. The origins  of my practise are based around graffiti art, urban art. To take things back to graffiti, id like to extract a series of Grafuture walls from current and future experience. The objective depends on continuation of interests in geometry and visual aesthetics, technique and development.

im considering how my work is influenced, or inspired by other artists, and how my creative process would reflect more in depth study.


Photo, update. Final piece, Subject December 2015.

My studio investigation into light work has reached a key moment. I have a body of paintings and drawings, sketchbook work and a final piece. I made a small light instilation with metal work and a projected animation. The visual aesthetic is inspired by architecture and graffuturism, the animation is inspired by contemporary light art and film. The elements of the piece are an amalgam of new and developed recent ideas. The elements of architectrure are from work nearly fifteen years ago. They are a response to living in an urban area, where we exist alongside graffiti. Construction of the piece was relatively simple and it was interesting to put together, seeing the parts of the investigation come together.

Summary, this piece is developed from ideas i had at the start of the work. It sought to make a light art piece for my exhibition at the end of the course. This term i applied elements of light and 3d to my continuing painted images. I’m encouraged that the art ive overlooked this term, Graffuturism and architectrure, has helped  me realise this outcome.


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