documentation: jan 2016. A new project


Photos, something about the selph. 2016

In an attempt to find a brief description of my work up to present day I’ve written a few words. I hope you can see something of a continuation of ideas from last term, yesterday or wherever. Lets just write.

meditive plains- large areas of tonal colour. Inspired by Buddhist meditation techniques, use of colour and rhythmic elements.

linguistics and language- diffusion of what appears to be coded words, actually a construsion and abstraction of accessable written letters and numbers.

dimensional language- the 3rd and soon to be 4th dimension, representations of reality and future attainments.

Key moments. This being my first post of the term ive attempted to sum up my work so far. It was a moment in the depths of writing a dissertation, and a much needed break, to consider my studio pieces.

Ive had the timeline from the beginning of year one, and i think it so much more readable and shareable than a book of notations. I do keep a book of notes, which i want to include in my body of work, but it takes on a different guise altogether.



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