Context: JM Basquiat. Fine Art painting.


I descoverd Basquiats work twenty years ago, when i first stepped into an art school library. His influence on my art was to do with words. I was fascinated by his imagery, his style and his ethnicity.

As a painter of the Neo Expressionist Movement, and an acknowledged street artist, Basquiat dealt with narratives in his work, Social statements both in and out of the studio. As an artist i looked at narratives through words in my paintings. Now I aim to reistablish that connection in preperation for my final piece.

The movement Basquiat belonged to in 1980s New York reintroduced the Human Figure into art after a period of absence. Basquiat introduced historical and mythological story telling that had been set aside by Minimalism and Conceptualism. He used social commentary to look deeper into the truths in people.

I aim to create a ‘historical’ piece for the degree show. It seems important to contextualise Basquiat as he remains amongst the most influential on my work. Whilst he is more sophisticated, i have ideas for social messages. Im looking at communication and its values, its visual properties and how they come together, thus the elements of my work are inspired and developd.

key moments: i wanted to include aspects of written word into my final piece from all of the areas of concentration of the last three years. Those aspects of my work go back over twenty years. Below, drawings from 1999. I had just come out of hospital and then, i found clarity of mind in working in books with word and line.

With the progress of my film piece underway i decided to make a second exhibition piece, a set of paintings. Basquiat  has been a key influence on my work along with Mondrian, Rauchenburg, De Kooning, and J Beuys. Ive also been influenced by key historical figures Kandinsky and Schwitters, and contemporary painters in the area of Graffuturism. The paintings bring together all aspects of the three years of the course that concern painting. Even the areas outside of painting have given ideas that consciously are reapplied into the work, be it energy or focus, they are my conclusion at degree level fine art painting.


In order,

Rauchenburg, Beuys, Schwitters, De Kooning

In my painting ive looked into spatial planes, with references to meditation and Buddhist spirituality, Taoism and further the geometry and calligraphy of Islamic religious and contemporary art. I applied autobiography and story telling of a shamanic nature to my most recent work. I applied notions of identity and anonymity to my workk, which is through enterpretation of contemporary and historic graffiti. I intend to take my amassed ideas forward into MFA and into a career as a fine artist.


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