Context: Eduardo Chillida


Eduardo Chilidas sculptures i seemedc to identify with, maybe theres just something about them. My work has moved into the third dimension and i decided to research some metal pieces. I looked at a book of drawings by Chillida with refferences to the drawn elements in my developing final piece.

Reading the introduction to Chillidas book ‘Fifty Years of Drawing’ i came accross a definining statement, which i want to note.

‘The impulse to mark something on paper or any support has always been associated with the desire to say something about the world.’

As a graffiti artist ive spent years making statements about myself, yet in the last three years on my course i have become interested in saying something.. Even if its a simple statement, ‘look or see this colour, feel the weight of this line.’I want to draw to bring people into the area in which my work exists- making this about the values and conditions of the work.

To see Chillidas connection between between drawing and sculpture has me thinking about the connections between process and consciousness, how a definition or defining moment in one area can spark something in another and further in another.

In my studio practice the piece i want to refine the marks of the sculptural drawings of last term so that they appear as drawn lines, less angular and architectural, about the impulse to draw.

Key Moments: whether contemplating a piece or on completion of a piece, its good to know how things have gotten you so far.  Ive looked at artists work for insights into their working practices, and found observations that apply to mine, thinking as the artist. Im talking about relationships. My work effects my life as a whole, my visual language has improved in the three years of the course, my appreciation of visual aesthetics and techniques also. I might be critisised for my life without a TV or papers, but that doesnt really suit me. I place my values in communication and the immediate environment. My concerns for the outside world are placed in the daily life i lead on the course.


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