Documentation: progression of an eye

In progression from last terms ‘Imaginary Giants’ light piece ive made some studio test pieces. My idea is to send a projection through a set of perspex boxes which i made. The image is slightly dissapated both on the floor and on the wall. The light seems to define the square edges of the boxes. It is an effect ive been experimenting with in the dark space.

i spent an afternoon mixing with the makers using an acrylic/perspex bending machine, making boxes out of sheets of acrylics. I then liased with a graphic design shop to negotiate the printing of transparent adhesive stickers which the 3d shapes are a surface for.

Key moments: realising a project takes a lot of work. Ive changed direction twice with this terms work. At each stage ive had to alter my context creating a wide base of artists to look at for context, and different materials to find and experiment with. I love working with light and film/animation, as well as working with 3d elements and imagery. My materials have changed but my ideas remain in the same vien. Ive worked from abstractions of city scape to soundscape, further abstraction and continued expression into architectural and finally non objective abstraction. The autobiography in my work relates to Neo Expressionism in that i wanted to find my voice and start to story tell, raising questions about the self in action.



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