Documentation: non objective animation


Animation of the Non Objective. Following a period where i painted and made an instillation which conformed to the architectural angles in early drawing, i wanted to create a studio piece which eliminated all elements of reality and create something in the Non Objective way. The formality of truth in painting is taken away and reflects a more medatative side of my work. It is an Eastern Philosophy that has been in the experience and techniques i used to remove thought from art. Ironically the method is a generator of meaning, either working in the opposite direction or within the boundaries between action and non action.

I took to working with simply line, experimenting with spacial arrangement, and the movement in ‘the through time’ aspect. My piece is a time based, where the arrangement is nothing more than the passing seconds it takes to watch it. It to me is a moving Mandala, created purely for aesthetic reasons, my enjoyment of silence whilst i work.

key moments: the making of the animation follows several other animated creations for projection. Ive become familiar with One Stop animation studio and Adobe Premier final cut, both located in the Audio Visual Suite. I liased with the Technicians for instruction then spent some time working with the software and cameras. I established the abstract method which corresponds to my final paintings. The other objective in my paintings is from the auto biographical element. This exists in written form which ive used for nearly twenty years; recording daily happenings, meditation. I used written word with drawings.


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