Documentation: Objectives of Autobiographical Art


In an attempt to find my self in direction im creating an Autobiographical piece, a last statement of the course. My Historical piece aims to show something of ‘self’ to the viewer. I retrace my steps for twenty years, in an attempt to start a circle, sphere or cypher; ‘life material’.  My interest in story telling comes through explanations from a Shamanic or Schizoaffective perspective, the artistic temperament, a sensitivity used to create something presented or offered to the viewer.

My part is non speaking, the audio in the film play the part of the voice. This voice is a representation of myself as an artist in action. There is, i feel a place for silence, and a place for action. There is communication of self, presence and physical expression.. my hands and my face. The sound plays an active part of this exploration, an articulation of recorcorded voices. I hope that the use of audio and visual parts give the viewer a sense of cut and paste, recording and sampling, techniques that in an attempt to create something about myself have made me realise ive found something valuable. This action could represent our grasp  on reality and how we are able to record and edit, to reshape meaning.

Key Moments: im organising my work into two parts, film and sound. Writing about the Auto biography, a fifteen minute long piece, is to explore the conditions of my work, who, when and where.

I had regular sessions with the AV technicians and learnt how to master obscelete video with specialist equipment. I used my own music writing software to develop an audio track, with regular sessions in my studio space. This was a great oportunity to have peer observation and suggestion.


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