Final Degree Show Exhibition – Proposal

As a practicing graffiti artist I have undertaken the task of integrating a set of symbols, the alphabet, into creative visual form. I’m interested in the accessibility or inaccessibility of the written word, in everyday life.

The origins of my work go back twenty years, where I could be found drawing in books in the 27beats household. I consider early characteristics developed then to be relevant today- lots of written on visual material, sketched out beginnings of graffiti, some kind of hip hop soul meditation. Graffiti requires the artist to have a name to write, and the name is often an amalgam of both letters and numerics. Thus I began to experiment with words.

Through the process, abstraction and creation of works, the literal meaning and reason becomes ephemeral, only for intuition and interpretation to claim my pieces. The recording of experience becomes connected to the experience of the viewer. Across the body of work that I have produced during the course, narratives that are infused within the pieces have changed, and the forms I have worked with change: this is a reflection of a stream of ideas that have been generated. Therefore, in the work I am producing for the exhibition I want to combine ‘historical’ works and  ‘objective and non objective abstract’ through a single multi-media piece using a current aesthetic for the viewer, stressing the values of communication.

My paintings are a form of meditation on life, which have aesthetic values parallel to film piece. Both are recordings or representations of reality, which are autobioraphical and abstract. The body of work articulates an exploration of personal development, through art and the period of time that it took to reach these conclusions through which ive managed to reshape meanings in life.



I propose to make and install a light piece in the Final Show. In developing 2d into 3d I have put two previous light instillations together. ‘Synaptic Space’ was shown at the Abacus in the December show ‘Exposure’, and ‘Imaginary Giants and other friends’ was part of my assessment work also in December.

Whilst still being involved in exploration and discovery I’ve decided, through test pieces that my piece will work technically, and to commit to making visual material for the instillation.

The cost of the instillation should be £30-£60. Relatively cheap as I intend to make use of University facilities and materials. Happily today I was given some materials for free by a technician, and it’s possible I may be able to put on a show for absolutely nothing.

I’ll be arranging two video projectors, two DVD players, an amplifier and speakers borrowed for the piece in a dark, square room 12 x 12ft. The instillation will sit on a stage/ plinth approx. 12 x 6 ft. (half the space). The stage I’m proposing to make with a friend who does carpentry. I will design the build with him as efficiently as possible with time to put it together in the space.

My work considers conditions of urban environment and diffusion of living with music, art and philosophy. I intend to create patterns and rhythms with projected animation and sound.

I can provide drawings of the setup of the dark space if required.






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