Context: Oscar Fischinger



In the late summer of 2015 i went to Berlin by myself for eight days. ive been interested in German artists after visiting the Bauhaus and the art/design/architectrure crossover.

My focus has moved from from an environmental study back into abstraction and aesthetics and intention. Fischinger said

Everything in the world has a spirit which is released by its sound.

A piece with movement and a time base shares rules and conventions with sound. In recording, in playback these conventions are there to be descoverd and worked on – the rhythms that began to make music tie in with Fischengers animated shapes. The release in the yet un named piece im making is also in space and sensation. Fischinger uses space in his animation and his visual coordination of individual parts with music is the centre of something beautiful and experimental, as he was part of an experimental force in animated film.

“The real artist should not care if he is understood, or misunderstood by the masses. He should listen only to his Creative Spirit and satisfy his highest ideals, and trust that this will be the best service that he can render humanity.”

Fischinger, quote.

He was making films in America after fleeing Nazi Germany, and believed experimental film and animation were vitally important areas of film, and personal freedom in persuing his artistic aspiration.

Key Moments: As an art student to be in this area of art is exciting. I feel that im on the verge of something worthwhile; working with film. The process ive been through has brought me round to painting.

With the film almost ready for show, ive started a series of paintings to accompany my screen projection. The experience of making a film over many months has given me new insight into expression, and in painting coordination and timing. I learnt the significance of timing and simplicity, complementary elements and relevance of a current message. Id like to continue with ideas of art being theraputic, and afferm the importance of communication.







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