Documentation: changing formats

imageAs the times change, the format changes. This means my ideas have to be updated, this includes my contextualisation. To move from 2d to 3d to light instillation and further to film and music means experimentation and evaluation. The flow of ideas needs to be summarised as there is limited time and space this close to my final piece.

In this term i have made a light instillation. Immediately following that i began to experiment with the source of light for my piece, a projected film. Unfortunately the projected image didnt stand up in the light of the conditions that made the origional sucessful.

Key Moments: The work based around my light instillation stands in relation to my current work, a projected film. I simly removed the part of the piece that overcomplicated things. The outcome of this period depends on the contextualisation of the work, comparing the qualities of light and projection, and the content based on the development of circular ideas.



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