Key Moments – Context and Documentation

Key Moment #1 – Documentation: Objectives of Autobiographical Art.

Key Moment #2 – Documentation: Non-Objective Animation. Final Film.

Key Moment #3 – Documentation: Final Painting Project.

Key Moment #4 – Context: Mondrian Broadway Boogie-Woogie. Final Film.

Key Moment #5 – Documentation: Progression of an Eye. Studio Flow.

Key Moment #6 – Context: Oscar Fischinger.

Key Moment #7 – Context: W. Kandinsky.

Key Moment #8 – Context: Contemporary Painting. My line of work.

Key Moment #9 – Context: Spalding Gary. Excursions in Film.

Key Moment #10 – Documentation: January 2016. A New Project. Summing up yr 1&2.

Other relevant posts.

Key Moment #11 – Final Degree Show Exhibition Proposal

Key Moment #12 – Context: Conrad Shawcross. Science and art.

Key Moment #13 – Context: Eduardo Chillida. Other approaches.

Key Moment #14 – Context: JM Basquiat. Fine Art Painting. Neo Expressionist.

Key Moment #15 – Context: Graffuturism, Contemporary Graffiti Movements

Key Moment #16 – Documentation: Key moments..Studio practise

Key Moment #17 – Documentation: Light Art

Key Moment #18 – Documentation: Studio Study

Key Moment #19 – Documentation:Taoism and the Tao of Art. Philosophical Leanings.

Key Moment #20 – Documentation: Layering drawing, continued ideas.

Key Moment #21 – Documentation: Light Rooms, Light art.

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