Context. Contemporary Painting. Bernard Piffaretti


Piffaretti is a most interesting painter. On first impressions his work is appealing and individual. Piffaretti is a contemporary artist, whos work occurs at a time when painting is just as credible a medium as performance and installation. According to the essay written in the book “Vitamin P, a new perspective in painting” these works, and works by other contemporary painters, cant be seen as outmoded. Painting can be an artists interdisciplinary mode.

On further investigation, Paffarettis technique stands as simple, functional and with its own logic and ends. His work is similar to my film piece, in that it is purposefully lacking in representation of reality, or non objective painting. He is seeking to reject subjectivity, ‘without depersonalisation of his work.’ He does refer to the outside world, or to writing, without the ‘preocupation of registering objects.

Some works refer to geometry, which is something id like to do in my next year of work. He, like me has a lack of need to justify his actions, my work involving notions of graffiti and criminalisation. In his work there are no ‘theories of expression or construction, no formal truth for the observer.’

key moments: I not only am a fan of this work, im fascinated The the artist works in a contemporary setting, with ideas that go back decades. Modernist ideas resonate where post modern render. As my objective for the degree is exploration without a particular objective, i have found myself setting or rather reaching points of clarity, significant events and smaller objectives. The major task i considered in undertaking the course is to improve in the studio and in the library and in written pieces. Piffarettis aproach to painting and the non objective is something ill consider the next time i prepare for a series of works.


Untitled 2004. Acrylic