Documentation: Painting

One of my objectives for this last period of time in the studio has been to make a return to painting. There are certain developments ive made in theoretical and historical practise that have allowed a transition back to apply paint and concentrate my efforts, with more awareness and a continuous flow. My new work is an exploration of the abstract and the autobioraphical, which i worked with in my film piece for the final show. As well as working towards my degree show im creating a series of works for a solo exhibition in Geneva late this summer. I intend to improve proffessional aspects of my practise with this opertunity, in line with plans to continue onto the Masters of Fine Arts course in September.

Ive taken to my space in the studio, and used tutorials to improve my contextualisation and proffessional understanding, with pier criticism being central to  this period. As usual ive photo documented my process, and had contact with the woodwork shop to create the sixteen canvases i need for the project.

Key Moments: On joining the course three years ago, i decided i wanted to make a departure from graffiti and initiate an adventure in fine art painting. To be returning to painting now  and to create a final statement in paint is a final objective and is also bridge into my MFA, via self directed study over the summer.